Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures of AOOX and ABFXs in 1993

Above is a shot of a south bound, I guess Brisbane Freighter service, the first three wagons are AOOX's loaded with Telegraph poles, all I am going to say, is these don't look like the Auscision loads, seem to be slightly longer and skinner, with finished ends, and they jammed in there, ggod and proper.
I can't remember seeing AOOX's loaded with poles like this passing through Port Augusta, but does not mean that its didn't happen, more likely I didn't photograph it.

Hi All
I have dusted of the slide scanner and cropped out some shots of AOOX and ABFX's operating in 1993.  Hopefully this will help you loading your new
AOOX and ABFX's. On the Alice Springs side of things, I have started constructing the four boards for the remaining sections of Alice Springs yard.

Two AOOXs on 4AP1 at Spencer Junction, loaded to the Victorian Loading gauge, would make a  great  project, for creating an interesting load.  Weathering patterns include extra rust below the side doors
In discussion with John, John informs me these these high AOOXs were loaded at Boxcar at a signing in Westall in Melbourne Victoria.  I would assume this siding was shunted by the Dandy Goods.
4SP3 would normally arrive a Spencer Junction on Thursday night, and layover until Saturday  morning, the loading from Sydney would be added and added to.  80Kmh loading from Adelaide, steel from Whyalla would also be added.  Thus on Saturday this train became quite long.  This shot is a section of this train.  Worthy of note, 6 ABFXs, one seems to have a black roof, the second, third and sixth ABFX has a green rain protection strip above the door.  The fifth ABFX is missing the AN panel, and exposes the maroon underneath.
For the AOOXs, this shot definitily illustrates the variety of loading you can achieve with an AOOX, Boxcar tarpped loading, containers, pipe loading inside a 40ft frame container.
The next time Barcoola is exhibited, you can be sure that SP3 will be filled out with some Ausicion AOOX and ABFXs.

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  1. fantastic photo's Scott, The AN era held an important place in Australian Railway history great to see it receiving just attention.I've taken your lead albeit not to the detail and am presently converting Athearn 86 footers to AN AFIY road railers for an AP1/PA1 setup, I have painted 5 pack Athearn well wagons for double stacking, these plus the quality AOOX & ABFX Auscision wagons and yet to be tackled 3 dome tank bogies ATBY should make for an interesting train, just need AN GM or 3 (hurry up TOR)
    I see Auscision are also doing WAGR WABX these would make a colourful add on to this train also
    Greg G
    Parkwood WA