Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alice Springs industrial area wiring

Hi All

I would like to outline, how I wired the Alice Springs industrial area.

Below are the tools that I used. A good set of wire strippers will save you lots of time.
The connectors that I am using are from Jaycar. They are easier to install and not as stiff as the previous Car wiring connectors used on MKII Barcoola.
Note Safety first! use safety glasses.

With convenient locations cut out to the base of the boards, droppers were previously soldered to the rails, from the top of the board. the wires were then pushed through the foam. The bus cable was threaded through the gap between the second layer of foam and the 3mm MDF base. Thus in the middle of the board is an self contained cable runner.

All the black wires wires are twisted together, and soldered, Same as for the Red droppers. The bus cable was then joined to the droppers, at the appropriate terminal block. The female end of the Jaycar connectors are screwed to the plywood end of the board. Any wiring is then, secured with cable ties, thus all the wiring is protected inside the board.



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