Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little piece of Brownsville Pennsylvania in N scale from Peter

Hi All

Here is some off topic, shots of a good friend's Layout now called Brownsville PA, He is working on two eras, one NS, the other LV, in the late 60's.

Now has it's own blog site.

There is a detailed plan, and some great instructions on speed matching locomotives in DCC, something that I need to do.

Here is some pictures of his layout.

The room is detached from the house, but insulated and has its own air-conditioner.

 Peter is a dab hand at building, example above.

 Peter's layout is all foam on timber frame, the height is via storage cabinets he got from and office supply, place, he gave me two, and they are great for storing away all the bits and pieces, keeps the train room clean.

 A great line up of Peters buildings.

 The coal mine, power station peninsular. 

 The main classification yard is taking shape.

 This is one of Peter's great ideas, above layout wiring, makes everything sooooo easy.



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