Sunday, March 25, 2012

VCSX V/line Coil steel wagons and tarps in 1993

Here is V/Line train number 9169 on 22nd of May 1993.  Worthy of note, the high number of "olive  drab" tarps, the third wagon in the consist has yellow bogies.  There are at least four different VCSX tarp colours shown here.  Obviously the yellow tarps are a one size fits all, a little experimentation in regard to paint colours will render a more haphazard look.  maybe cutting the base of the plastic version of the tarp will give the uneven look that you will need to convince yourself that the model version looks like tarps.  The more brave of us might think of using a heating process to make the tops of the tarp more uneven.....  Anyway here's living proof that I actually took shots of V/Line trains in 1993.

Again with a little weathering they will fill out 4SP3 nicely......

That's enough free advertising for Auscision, Happy they made the ABFX, and AOOX's but where is my AQSYs!!

I will upload shots of Alice Springs yard as it gets closer to complete.



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