Saturday, March 10, 2012

A tractive effort continued.

Hi All

Some more shots of, A Tractive Effort, these pictures are just ooozing the 60's style Sydney siders construction methods. I am pretty sure the house below is owned by a house proud family.
Probably a Balmain Tigers banner in the living room...

In keeping up the the Jones, looks like the pelmets need painting. Seems to be German auto theme occurring, not too many Fords or those other things........ oh that's it Holdens.

Typical I guess 1940, 1950's brick house, on a sloping block, nice finishing touches, such as gutters and drains, front fence, blinds, painted front steps, and the power box attached to the side wall.

The local Garage, again its the details new modern pumps, vents for the fuel tanks, pedestrian walkways, gutters, Gas bottle for BBQ refills, Ice refrigerator. Although if this the late 1980's early 1990's I sure would not be filling up at this place its a rip off 119.9 a liter they must be dreaming.....

More to follow.


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