Saturday, March 17, 2012

Model Railway Inspirations

Hi All
I would like to broach the subject of your model railway layouts and people that influenced you. Or your your model railway people that your aspire to emulate in some way.
Simply the layouts that give you inspiration.

For me I would like to share my influences.

I guess my first Australian influence was Broadford. featured in the AMRM 1988, AUG, 151. Build originally by Keith Trueman.
Given that I was so young, when I saw it, the layout had a great overall finish, not mega detailed. Never the less, had taken a big bite out the modeling real estate.

He maintained era discipline, at the time Keith originally built this layout, the only real plastic locomotives available at the time was the Lima S class and 422 class.
A smattering of wagon kits, the rest was scratch built to create the right consists.

Operationally fairly limited, but at the time all I wanted was an AN version of this layout.

Currently this layout is owned by the Hobson's Bay Model Railway Club, which don't adhere to the original builders era discipline.

Most of my other influences were from the USA.
The first the comes to mind is the Cat Mountain and Santa Fe, by David Barrow. The concept was soooooo simple CTC operations. David has modified his layout repeatedly, even went for a straight industrial layout. His final version is a more faith full representation of the area of Texas, with lots of shunting Zones.
Allen McClelland's V&O, I was luck enough to see and interview with Allen in the late 1970's or 1980's, and back then he was the first to advocate the walk around concept. He was way ahead of his time.

Roger brought around a copy of Allen Keller's Great model railroads, and it became obvious Bruce Carpenter's BNSF layout is all about operation, 50 trains in an operating session. I like is reasoning behind not only his operations but also the finishing of the layout, rolling stock etc, and his dedication to keep jup to date.

Final influence is Lance Mindeim, his Down down Miami layout is the zenith of detailed operations. Being able to focus on less of a prototype (taking less of a prototype bit) has enabled him get into operations, to the point of putting a lock on the side of the layout to mirror the lock on an industrial siding gate.



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  1. Hi Scott & Barcoola,

    For me what began as a layer of track on a door has evolved to a mini empire in my garage Ravenslea I am inspired by layouts such as Broadford , Brisbane Water ,the enormous Arid Australia ,watch in awe of Sierra Pacific lines and most certainly Barcoola ,I wonder at the ability of creators of these remarkable achievements to recreate moments in time,I am not at the level of ability as many others, I have learnt many new skills (including patience -mandatory in the hobby) ) and am now embarking on another journey to hopefully apply learnings taking Ravenslea on to something different again.
    Thanks Scott